Reading List is a collection of interesting links I've found on the internet. General topics include technology, rationalism, and personal experiences. I especially like well-written blog posts from normal people.



A few words on Ruby's type annotations state


I don't give a shit about Ruby. What I do find interesting, on 5/5/23, is the perspective of a man in the Ukrainian army. Notice passages (emphasis mine) like:

"That discussion made me remember some thoughts on type annotation situation in...



Brr is such a fun and unique blog that you have to read it. I guarantee that you've never shared an experience with the author, unless somehow I've managed to snag the attention of an Antarctic researcher--if so, welcome!

Brr is a look insid...

<3 Deno


The Jelly Bean Problem — Wait But Why


Wait But Why article on the Monty Hall problem. Tim's a great writer and he has the wonderful ability to bring complex concepts down to earth....

Chris's Wiki :: blog/programming/GoAndGlibcVersioning


My biggest pain-point, as a developer, has to be dealing with dynamically linked executables on Linux. You could be having a fantastic day writing error free, all-tests-passing super code only to have everything ruined by an incompatibility with your tar...

Taking PHP Seriously - Slack Engineering



What I like about PHP

PHP is weird for me. I don't really get to use it outside of work, and it's not approprite for any of my projects. But I can't shake this love I have for the language. Like, it's a tool that ...



How Swift Achieved Dynamic Linking Where Rust Couldn't - Faultlore


A pretty good article all things considered. Takes a typically overlooked language in these kinds of pieces and pits it against Rust. A bit low level so engage if you dare....